We have always had Cockers in the past. After our last Cocker passed away, Dan and I decided that

our next dog would be a short hair breed that would require very little grooming. Every year I

always attended the Sun Maid Kennel Club show with my mother and there I would find myself

at the Beagle ring, staring at these wonderful little guys that would melt my heart when I

looked at their beautiful faces.I knew some day this would be the breed for me.


It took some time to talk Dan into a Beagle, as he had his heart set on a Labrador Retriever, he

wanted a dog that would love to swim. Dan decided a beagle would do and I was only looking

for a pet but I did want a beagle of quality like I had seen in the show rings.


After a couple of email exchanges with a Southern California breeder, she directed me to a breeder

here in my home town. I contacted the local breeder (Penny Petrille) and she was expecting a litter

any time. After a few phone conversations, she placed me on her waiting list, at the very bottom!


During our conversations we had discussed the possibility of my showing the beagle; I told her I was

open to that as long as the dog was good enough to go into the ring. To make a long story short,

Penny had persuaded the other families to take other puppies, and saved the pick puppy for us.


We brought the little guy home at eleven weeks old. We finally agreed on the name "Spencer". He was

as solid as they come, with eyes so dark with eyeliner they looked like two Hershey's Kisses, and

the biggest mouth you have ever heard! After a miserable month, our new little

whiney puppy got used to his home. And we finally got some sleep.


Spencer as a puppy


I remember the day like it was yesterday: Spencer was six and half months old and we were in the

backyard playing ball like we did every morning. He came running towards me from quite a

distance back. I saw something different that day, as though I was looking at him for the

first time. I thought, “He's gorgeous! He reminds me of a stallion.”



I went inside and called the breeder, remembering her last words when we took him home was

that she wanted to see him when he turned six months old. I never took it that seriously,
I'd figured she told everyone that. Penny evaluated him and, two handling classes later,
we were off to the show and the rest is history!


MBISS CH Ha Penny's Too Much Trouble  "Spencer"